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Inner Peace is a personal quest for peace, and World Peace is the global experience of peace. While we at The Peace Flag Project(PFP) advocate for the individual experience of peace, and hold great hope for World Peace, our Mission is to create peace in the space in between: the space where we live our every day lives. Our goal is peaceful relationships on all levels. Our focus is on how we live with our families, friends, and community members; what kind of citizens, coworkers and colleagues we are; and, how we educate our children and work for social justice. It’s about being able to live a healthy life with meaningful work, good housing and safe neighborhoods. It’s about affirming our need for artistic expression and appreciation for culture in all its diversity. It’s about how we live on this planet and use its resources. It’s about appreciating the connection of all life physically and spiritually.

Our work is to foster peace in our ordinary lives. We do this in three ways:


URI Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies

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