We at the Peace Flag Project appreciate any donation you are able to make.

We have two new ways you can contribute to our work for peace: Peace Flag Kits & Peace T-shirts!

We’ve created these wonderful T-shirts with our Peace Dove image on the front, BUT the T-shirt has only an outline of the dove – AND  you get to color the dove yourself!!!

We’ve provided some great examples of how people have decorated the shirts. All you need are permanent markers – Sharpie or BIC color pens will do. There are great color assortments available.

DONATION for T-Shirt: $13.50+ $1.50 for S&H – Total $15.00
DONATION for 3 Peace Flag Kits: $13.50 + $1.50 for S&H – Total $15.00
DONATION for T-shirt & 3 Peace Flag Kits: $20 (inc. S&H)

To support the Peace Flag Project by purchasing our products or with cash, simply “add to cart” the item(s). You may adjust quantity in your cart. 

Every penny counts!
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