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We’re all in this together.
We belong to each other.

We at The Peace Flag Project send good wishes for your health, safety and comfort during our home confinement.

As we all struggle with the challenges this virus presents, we are heartened by the amazing kind and generous things people are doing for one another. We hope you are paying attention to all these positive actions — and know that we have this capacity in us all the time.

We are grateful beyond measure for all the sacrifices our essential workers are making — healthcare workers, workers in food industry, scientific workers, police and firemen, first responders, media people, transport workers and so many more. Their tireless efforts make it possible for the rest of us to sequester, yet have access to what we need to live safely in our homes. We owe them our gratitude — and maybe our lives.

We humans are incredible creatures — brave, inventive, determined, caring, generous — especially during a crisis. Let’s live our best incredible selves, and we can come together to save our lives and our beautiful planet.

Take care. Be well. Stay safe.

Peace and love,
Ginny Fox
Executive Director


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