“It’s September, and the Month of Peace is underway. COVID seems to be on the wane, and we are hopeful to find a new and even better normal. See the Peace Month schedule under What We Do / 2022 Month of Peace. Something new this year. We’re celebrating at the Intention Fest: Wellness and Peace in Wakefield this year. Please join us. It’s an exciting new journey.
Peace and love, Ginny Fox
Executive Director
2022 World hands and doves
Peace is in our Hands.

Peace Flag Kits

Peace Flag Kits allow you to support the project and fill your space with what peace means to you.  Kits & Workshops available!


Make Your Peace

Show the world what Peace looks like to you! New blank dove shirts offer you an opportunity to wear your support of The Peace Flag Project.



Each gift, large or small, will make a difference. Help us keep The Peace Flag Project around and running.