“Take a Bad Year and Make It Better”

THE NEW YORK TIMES featured an editorial recently “Take a Bad Year, and Make It Better,” something we all would be advised to do. It’s been a difficult, discouraging — even depressing year — in so many ways. But we need to have a broader focus and clearly see all the good things that happened, too. Sadly, it seems it is always “the best of times and the worst of times,” but we must fully acknowledge the best of times. They are just as real. As a people, we seem to prefer to focus on the bad times, the things we worry may happen. Maybe we’re stuck in our ancient DNA, which required us to be ready to handle danger all the time. We do not live in those more primitive times, but we still act as though we do…Anyway, spend some time focusing on the good. It is just as much the reality, and you’ll be better off for it!! And the world will be, too!                      Peace and love, Ginny Fox


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