2016 Living Peace Award


As part of our Month of Peace, we have established a Living Peace Award. Our 2016 LIVING PEACE AWARD will go to the wonderful and amazing PHIL EDMONDS — MUSICIAN, AUTHOR, MAN OF PEACE. He’s like a Pied Piper, children think of him as “The Leprechaun.” One of his books “Taking Great Care” is a great example of who he is and what he does. It is a journal of life here in America (he’s from Ireland), where nourishing community, spending time in nature and rekindling joy in living has been his journey for decades. He is one of those quiet remarkable people who lives among us. He is a national treasure!

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  1. eileen mcdermott says:

    there is no better choice for this year’s Peace Award recipient. thank you so much for recognizing this
    beautiful ambassador, in his own quiet way, of peace.Is there going to be a formal recognition ceremony? I want to be there!

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