AUREA performs in Pawtucket 08/26

This Saturday the lovely Aurea ensemble will be performing at Veterans Memorial Amphitheater in Pawtucket! Go to this amazing concert. This group is an honest treasure: they combine music and words in the most exquisite way!  The event is free and open to the public. There is a parking area across the street and in many cases, the amphitheater will be less than 2 miles from your dwelling, short enough for a nice evening walk or bike ride! However you plan to get there, just get there!


What happens when artists meet at the margins of their disciplines and push the boundaries back and forth? What happens is AUREA, a performance ensemble engaged in a joyous pursuit to investigate and invigorate the harmony of music and the spoken word.

Aurea takes its name from Catena Aurea Homeri, or the Golden Chain of Homer, a symbol of 18th century esoteric alchemy, which strove for the refinement of the human condition. That alchemy – combining disparate elements into a divine new element – defines every Aurea event.

Central to AUREA’s mission is the pairing of meaningful educational outreach with artistic themes, striving through imaginative concert programming and educational workshops to inspire audiences of varied backgrounds and ages. Through the medium of performance, interfacing music with the spoken word, AUREA seeks to unify the humanities and fine arts in dynamic accessible and engaging ways.

This season’s AUREA events are supported in part by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, Ocean State Charities, the City of Pawtucket, the Creative Arts Council at Brown University, Pawtucket Credit Union, the Friends of AUREA, and others.


More information about AUREA can be found at their website,

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