Be a Peace Maker

Join our volunteer-based project to build a more peaceful, generous world.

Please volunteer with the Peace Flag Project. We are a small all-volunteer organization, and we need lots of different kinds of help. We want to do all we can to build a more peaceful, kind and generous world, and we need many different kinds of help. Please join our efforts. You will find it fun and rewarding.

We need volunteers to work on publicity and marketing and people to hand out flyers or sew flags on strings. There’s a job for all interests and skill levels. Bring your skills or try your hand at new ones.
We are located in Rhode Island. For some jobs, you need to be close by, but for others, it doesn’t matter where you live. Here’s a quick overview of what we do:

  • We work with groups throughout RI creating Peace Flags to express important wishes for the world.
  • Our major event is celebrating the UN Int’l Day of Peace on September 21.
  • We also collaborate with other organizations to create peace gardens.

Here’s How You Can Help

We need volunteers in the areas listed below. If you have other interests and skills you don’t see listed here, please suggest them to us. And if you want to do something new, you can gain experience with us. Your skills, creativity and dedication are important to us.

Ongoing Efforts

  • Tearing fabric squares for flags
  • Sewing flags onto string
  • Making Peace Flag Kits
  • Designing instructive materials
  • Maintaining computer mailing lists and managing links
  • Reaching out to new communities
  • Creating newsletters for members/general public
  • Fundraising, applying for grants and obtaining sponsorships
  • Working with college & high school students on community service projects
  • Gardening – planning, planting, maintaining, etc.
  • Educational materials – planning, creating, using peace curriculum in after school programs for Grades 4 through 8

Workshop and Festival Events

  • Setting up tables, materials, markers, instructions, etc.
  •  Working with adults and/or children at event
  •  Explaining PFP briefly and instruct about making a flag

Special Event: UN International Day of Peace, September 21 each year

  • Publicity and Marketing
  • Organizing various aspects of event
  • Reaching out to new Communities
  • Designing flyers and posters
  • Handing out flyers; posting flyers in communities
  • Assisting at events (schedules, where things are, etc.)
  • Help with parking at events
Please contact us with the following information:

I’d like to volunteer to__________________________________________________.

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