Here’s the PFP’s Great American Peace Flag — an American flag made up entirely of Peace Flags. The flags were made by Rhode Islanders of all ages and backgrounds, to express their wishes for a better, kinder, more peaceful world. Peace Flags convey positive wishes for how we can all live together with more understanding and compassion. In this time of turmoil, we urge people to be deeply mindful of all the good in their lives and to be creative about how they can work to make the world better. — Ginny Fox, Executive Director, PFP



Peace Flag Kits

Peace Flag Kits allow you to support the project and fill your space with what peace means to you.  Kits & Workshops available!


Make Your Peace

Show the world what Peace looks like to you! New blank dove shirts offer you an opportunity to wear your support of The Peace Flag Project.



Each gift, large or small, will make a difference. Help us keep The Peace Flag Project around and running.